World Peace Begins With Me

Institute of Awakened Mastery (IAM) is a Washington State Non-Profit organization based in North Puget Sound, which formed December 11, 2018. IAM is dedicated to furthering a mission of World Peace by serving individuals in our local community, promoting Spiritual Health through activities and services that develop each individual’s sense of inner peace. It is our firm belief that all paths to healing the world begin with healing the Self. Our tools and methods come from the current and living Lineage of King Salomon the Wise, the same character from the Book of Kings who established a universal system of enlightenment and spiritual awakening for all peoples of the world over 3000 years ago. Today, this ancient system of mastery is made available to us through The Modern Mystery School.

Welcome Home

You are invited to visit our Metaphysical Meditation Sanctuary in North Puget Sound

Peace Meditation - Learn to Meditate in Seattle, WA

Thanks to the generous contributions of our growing members and community, we are excited to invite you to our new Metaphysical Meditation Sanctuary. We are located just off of I-5, walking distance from Northgate Mall, Thornton Place, and the Northgate Transit Center.

Still Growing

Your support can help us expand our facilities.

We are actively working on establishing a larger and more permanent location to support our mission and serve our community. We are working toward a 5000+ sq.ft. commercial space, close to public transit and major arterial highways. Our location will include a large teaching room, private one-on-one healing spaces, Meditation Sanctuary, retail store, and guest lounge.

We are currently seeking donations and membership contributions toward opening our doors by Spring 2019.