Institute of Awakened Mastery - Metaphysical Meditation Center in Seattle

Institute of Awakened Mastery (IAM) is a Washington State 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization. Our governance includes a Board of Directors (listed below) and a Board of Advisors that includes members of the global leadership of The Modern Mystery School.

Board of Directors

Osiris Indriya - President / Director

Osiris Indriya

President / Director
Leadership Minister

Chiyona Indriya - Vice President

Chiyona Indriya

Vice President
Leadership Minister

Verla Wade - Spiritual Advisor

Verla Wade

Spiritual Advisor
Leadership Minister

Kelly Aho - Treasurer

Kelly Aho

Treasurer / Admin. Manager
Leadership Minister

Angel Latterell

Angel Latterell

Secretary / Legal Council
Leadership Minister